101 Recruitment for Franchisees: How to Hire Great Employees in Less time

Easily one of the most common challenges in recruitment for a franchise is the need to hire new staff quickly. It is a common problem, as it is difficult for businesses to start hiring until they are closer to the opening date for the franchise, but once they are closer to that date they will need to hire staff and train them before opening.

With limited time available to make a hire, many franchisees rush their hiring process. But rushing your hire can put you at risk towards bringing on someone that may not be worth the investment. In the early stages of your franchise, these initial hires can be what sets the tone for the rest of your success.

How to Hire Great Employees in Limited Time

There is no rule that says you have to wait to make a hire. You can start collecting applications months in advance, holding interviews and finding great potential assets for your team. While some of those people may be happily employed by the time you open, others may still be interested in starting fresh with your business.

However, if you are looking to hire great staff in less time, consider the following tips and strategies:

  • Have Supplementary Application Questions

Rather than depend solely on an application or resume, have the applicant complete supplementary questions as well. These are mandatory questions that need to be completed with the application before it can be submitted (if online) or before it will be considered (if not online). The primary benefit of these applications is it that it helps you learn more about the applicant than you would learn from the resume alone. In a way, it starts the interview process before you have called them in for an interview. But the secondary benefit is that it weeds out individuals that are not willing to put in extra work. Recruiters call this “self selection.” People that are either not hard workers or not serious about their application will be unlikely to fill out the questions. Those that believe in trying their best (a good personality trait for an employee) are more likely to take those extra steps.

  • Advertise Everywhere

Although more applications can mean more work, it also means more potentially more qualified applications. Make sure you’re advertising simultaneously on multiple websites, and taking advantage of other potential places to show job openings, such as the franchiser’s website and social media accounts. The more people you attract to your job opening, the more likely you will find applicants that fit the criteria.

Side note: Have criteria. Always come up with a hiring plan on what will make an ideal employee, and make sure that your job advertisement is geared towards finding those people.

  • Prepare the Items in Advance

If you do not think you are able to recruit until the last minute, you can still prepare what you’ll need to recruit. Develop a compelling job advertisement. Start determining where to place the ad. Figure out what your hiring process will be, and more. The more you are prepared well in advance, the more you can simply “launch” the advertisement when needed and begin your

  • Use a Recruitment Agency

Franchisees are some of our main clients here at Recruit Shop specifically because of this need for effective, last-minute hiring. Although it may seem like another unnecessary expense, recruitment companies take some of the guesswork and extra effort out of hiring. You can find better applicants for an affordable rate (our prices are just $1,995 +GST), with those that have more hiring expertise, using whatever deadlines you may have. It allows you to focus on other tasks necessary to the business, including the creation of training materials. Your goal is to maximize your ROI. Using a recruitment company like Recruit Shop that has expertise in hiring for franchisees ensures you hire better people, which then ensures you get greater return on your investment.

Hire the Best to Succeed

Recruitment of great franchise staff should never be an afterthought, because no matter how competitive and well-known the franchise may be, it depends on the success of its employees. Make sure you take the time to hire the best employees, or work with a company that can help.

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  1. Qubit Labs
    Qubit Labs says:

    Hi Saxon, thank you for post. The first advise, that you should collect resumes even before you open vacancy is so right. If you know that you will need some particular specialist, you should collect candidates in advance, because when you are short in time, it’s very hard to work under such pressure.


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