3 Tips for Recruiting Top Entry-Level Employees

Every company needs to recruit entry-level employees, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to do. In fact, your recruitment process may be one of the biggest liabilities your organization has. If you have a revolving door of entry-level employees coming and going or simply spend too much time and money on getting them trained in, it’s probably time to rethink your recruitment process.

Recruiting Entry-Level Employees

  • Start with Internships

A lot of your entry-level employees are most likely going to be fresh out of school or with limited work experience, so this is the perfect place to start with your efforts. Internships are a fantastic way to find qualified candidates and mould them into the perfect entry-level employee. While the obvious benefit of interns is that they’re mostly free, focus on their potential to someday become your company’s star employees.

  • Focus on Transferrable Skills

Whether they’re fresh out of college or have years of experience, an entry-level candidate probably won’t have a resume that includes the exact duties and responsibilities you’re looking for.

So look for transferable skills instead. These can be talents such as critical thinking, leadership, p0roblem solving, and time management. You’ll have much better luck finding candidates with relevant transferable skills than ones who have actual experience with the position for which you’re hiring.

  • Be Upfront About the Challenges

While it is useful to talk about the perks of working for your company, the benefits package they’ll receive, and an approximate salary. This is important for recruiting top-level talent.

But don’t steer clear of the role’s challenges either. For one thing, this is vital information and will make your job post more descriptive. More importantly, however, it will help recruit entry-level candidates who are excited about challenges, not scared off by them.

You don’t want entry-level employees who are just looking for somewhere to hang out for eight hours a day. Let them know that your company expects a lot from entry-level employees and you’ll immediately be recruiting better candidates.

Recruit Top Entry-Level Employees to Your Company

Entry level employees are still investments your company makes in talent. You may not be able to find workers with years of experience for the role, but there are plenty of ways to make sure that you’re finding, recruiting, and maintaining high-end talent that can help your company for years down the road.

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