4 Small Recruitment Things You Should Be Doing (But Probably Aren’t)

Recruitment is its own unique challenge for companies both small and large. Many companies, even those with years of experience, still struggle with their recruitment practices. There are many different, little activities and techniques that can help you with your recruitment, but many companies have not done them, either because they do not know about them or they prefer to avoid the extra work.

Consider reviewing your own recruitment processes and making sure that you have some of the following ideas added to your strategy:

  • Save All Resumes – When people apply to your company, you should save them. Those resumes are your chance to recruit without making a job available. They are people that already applied to your company, and even if you decided not to hire them for the specific job they applied to, a place for them may open in the future and you should have a process to both save and review them.
  • Tell Candidates They Are Not Hired – No matter how many applications that you review, there should be some system in place to tell people you haven’t hired immediately that they did not get the job. It is a good practice to be in, because one of the most stressful emotions to the applicant is not knowing their status.
  • Have An Objective Resume Scoring System – Whether it’s taking the names off of the resume or using a specific scoring mechanism, there should be something you and your team do to review resumes while trying to take away any accidental biases, and something you can use to compare applicants in a mathematical and logical way.
  • Accept and Review Resumes Year Round – If someone wants to apply for your company, and there isn’t a job open, do you let them and genuinely keep the resume? Because someone that wants to apply for you when a job isn’t open is someone that may genuinely care about you as a company. You should be accepting applications all throughout the year and have a method for evaluating them.

These are small changes that can make a major difference in your recruitment process. If you’re looking to be better at recruitment, little changes like this, along with using a recruitment company like Recruit Shop, can help your company find, hire, and attract better people.

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