5 Popular Engineering Forums to Seek New Talent

For some companies, hiring the right engineer is the difference between success and failure. While some engineering jobs require only someone that works hard and who has a basic understanding of engineering, others need someone that is an expert in the field, someone ready to think outside the box to take your products or services to the next level.

For those that need that one in a million employee, it often helps to take a more active approach to recruitment. Placing an advertisement on a job board or LinkedIn may help attract a great employee, but you may find that in order to find that amazing new talent, you have to go find it for yourself.

Finding Talent in Engineering Forums

One place that you may be able to use to find amazing engineering talent is industry related forums. Many engineers spend their time on these forums helping others and discussing the latest news in engineering. If you’re interested in looking for talent in forums, consider the following websites:

  • Eng Tips – While many forums have specialities (e.g., Materials Engineering), Eng Tips is a group of engineering forums for nearly every type of engineering profession.
  • EDABoard – EDABoard is a very popular board with both electronics engineers and test engineers. It is very active and has a section for job postings.
  • EngineeringCivil – Engineering Civil is a civil engineering forum broken down into sub-specialties, like structural engineering, architectural engineering, and more.
  • iMechanica – Popular with mechanical engineers, iMechanica is a useful location for advertising jobs and reaching a mechanical engineering audience.
  • Reddit Engineering – Reddit has become the most popular style of forum on the internet, and it has an entire engineering section that is highly active. It is a bit more likely to have novices, but those that are looking to find true experts in a highly active location, Reddit is a great place to start.

You should also look throughout social media – including LinkedIn, Facebook, and more – because many of these social media websites have taken over as forms for traditional website forums. By creating a presence for yourself and your company on these boards, you can potentially find some of the best talent in the entire world – not just Australia – and really make sure your company is finding the best candidates.

Alternatively, if you’re short on time and need a helping hand with your recruitment, please contact Recruit Shop on 1300 895 987. We’re experts are recruiting for all roles and all industries across Australia and New Zealand.

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