That’s Refreshing!

We’ve adopted various initiatives to reduce our environmental impact…

  • No Paper

    By “No Paper” we mean: no sticky notes, no scrap paper, no note pads, no business cards, no printed brochures, no printer paper, no printers, no ink… all leading to less waste. This has been quite a challenge to achieve, even just jotting something down on your computer rather than paper requires a fair mental adjustment. The use of sophisticated Client & Recruitment Management Systems replaces the need.

  • Renewable Energy

    A simple step, we purchase renewable energy in the form of wind, solar and other renewable sources to provide 100% of the electricity to our business.

  • Minimising Travel

    We provide a remote service to all our clients that requires very little tangible resources. We work in suburban offices and recruit staff locally. So, we rarely drive or fly to clients, we don’t require clients or candidates to come to us, our staff avoid extensive commutes and we transport very few goods or materials.

Keen to share green ideas we could incorporate into our business? Or, thinking about going paperless and want some tips?