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The Recruit Shop Team is made up of skilled, trained and experienced Recruitment and Business professionals. We are extensively assessed for suitability for the day-to-day requirements of working at Recruit Shop and providing our clients with exceptional recruitment services. From day one we receive extensive training on all aspects of recruitment including database search, advertising, marketing, software, candidate screening, shortlisting, employee negotiation and consulting. We use sophisticated technology to ensure client and candidate experiences alike are streamlined, efficient and accurate. We are incentivised on achieving results for our clients and working towards exceptional outcomes. We work hard, as a team and are very focussed whilst enjoying a great culture.

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Ben Kirk

General Manager

Recruit Shop is the most exciting recruitment agency model in Australia & New Zealand. Why? The value proposition we offer our clients is second to none; we are the Best Priced Recruitment Agency. We take the risk out of the recruitment process for our clients, we do all the initial work for them, we do it for a phenomenal price and its a pleasure for us to do it. We don‘t charge outrageous fees, we don’t cloud the outcome with a salesperson‘s gloss, we don’t re-sell candidates - our service is simple, effective & transparent.

For too long the only options available to employers has been DIY Advertising (cheap but time consuming and often ineffective) or Traditional Recruitment Agencies (charging an astronomical percentage of salary) - neither is ideal. Recruit Shop spans this vast gap with flat fee, all-inclusive and flexible services that are backed by experienced professionals who utilise sophisticated systems to deliver a service that surpasses even internal recruitment resources.

"Having worked for over 10 years in Executive Search, Ben realised there was an alternative option and joined Recruit Shop, an innovative disruptor in the Recruitment Services industry.

Specialist Leaders…

Samantha Worth
Sales Leader – Senior Recruitment Consultant

P: +61 (2) 8074 8344
E: samantha.worth@recruitshop.com.au

Experienced Recruitment Consultants…

Francesca Hawkins
Recruitment Consultant

P: +61 (2) 8074 8348
E: francesca.hawkins@recruitshop.com.au

Brianna Lavis
Recruitment Consultant

P: +61 (2) 8074 8349
E: brianna.lavis@recruitshop.com.au

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Recruitment Consultant
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Recruitment Consultant
Position Vacant, Apply Today!

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