Recruit Shop Terms of Service

“Our Mission is to deliver Australia & New Zealand’s Best Priced Recruitment Services to ensure Our Clients Absolute and Ongoing Satisfaction”

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Frequently asked questions…

What if I don’t hire?Whilst 95% of our clients achieve a hire, there are of course exceptions. We credit these fees to be used for future vacancies and to ensure our clients always receive value for their money.
What if my hire leaves?We screen all candidates for suitability but leave the ultimate hiring decision up to you, as you know who is best for your business. We can also protect you from unreliable hires when you purchase a 3mth Employee Insurance for $295 or $495 +gst for roles over $80k pa.
How long will it take?From your confirmation to proceed we commence the candidate search immediately, a first round of screened candidates is then presented as soon as possible, typically in 3 working days. Depending on your progress we present you with further candidates and guarantee you will hire within 1 month.
Are there any hidden fees or catches?No, our flat fee is inclusive of all associated costs and charged once, up front, per hire. There are no placement fees, advertising costs or on-going charges.
What if I hire from another source?No problem, we’ll credit your fee to be used for a future vacancy of your choice.