Our Vision

Great Work, Better Lives

Imagine if everyone found work that was more suited to their abilities, more in line with their motivations and helped them balance their lifestyle, continue learning, progress further and earn to their potential – wouldn’t we each lead better lives?

We believe we can achieve this in 3 ways:

Our Colleagues

Creating great opportunities for ourselves, so we can lead better lives.

Our Customers

Doing great work for our customers, so they can lead better lives.

Our Candidates

Helping candidates find great work, so they can lead better lives.

Our Mission

#1 Low Cost Recruitment Agency in Australia and New Zealand

From its humble beginnings, Recruit Shop has always set out to be a fierce competitor in the recruitment industry. Six years on and thousand of placements later, we’ve made our mark as a new-age disruptor to traditional agencies. With our innovative low-cost model and passion for helping out the little guys, there’s no stopping us; we want to be the preferred choice for low-cost recruitment in Australia and New Zealand among small and medium-sized businesses.

Our Values

Our shared values that guide us in achieving our mission…

  • Small Matters

    Small businesses matter us. We’re a small business focussed on helping small businesses get the detail right around hiring great people.

  • Pioneer Progression

    We commit to continue being first to market with progressive services that save cost, add value & innovate the recruitment industry for the better.

  • Make Magic Happen

    Customer service & results are vital to our success. We aim to pull a rabbit out of the hat for our customers each and every time they need to hire.

  • It Takes A Village

    To be really successful, we need to collaborate with our customers & our colleagues. Together, we can accomplish more for them than we or they can alone

  • Be Cool To People

    Everyone’s important, our colleagues, our customers & our candidates. Remember to be cool to them. They’re people, and they deserve our respect & compassion.

  • Adventure Together

    Life & work are an adventure. By making the most of our journey and helping our customers & candidates do the same, we can all enjoy Great Work, Better Lives.

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