Why You May Want to Always Accept Job Applications

Human resources may not like to admit it, but most companies hire at the last minute. They wait until a position is open, and then run to try to fill the position as quickly as possible. At Recruit Shop, we’ve written frequently about how beneficial it can be to use recruitment services before you even need to hire someone – when you’re not rushed:

  • You have more time to select the right candidates.
  • You can fill the position quicker.
  • You are able to select from a larger pool.

It’s why we actively encourage companies to consider using some of their hiring budget to get a head start on positions that may open, even though they may not open yet.

However, recruitment is only one of several ways you can advertise to potential job seekers before a job is open. Another strategy, which all companies should consider is accepting applications on your website all year.

Why You May Want to Always Accept Job Applications

Even if you have no specific job openings, and you are not sure what will open in the near future, it helps to have a page on your website where you accept job applications – for example, a page that talks about the benefits of working for your company, and an email address where potential job seekers can send resumes.

There are many reasons that this can be a highly valuable tool for your business:

  • It Attracts Those that Want to Work For You

It is in your best interest as an organisation to find people that want to work specifically for your company – not just those that see an open job and apply. When someone wants to work for you, it increases the likelihood that they know what your job entails, that they like your company, and that they will stick around. It also decreases risk. Keeping a page open to accept job applications means that the person chose you over all the companies that actually had open positions. That is always advantageous.

  • You May Need the Person Now

Sometimes an applicant fills a need you didn’t even know you had. For example, if you have someone that that applies for a position as a sales manager (with a very strong resume), and you have a sales staff that has been managed by the marketing department – not a sales specialist – you may find you want to consider them even if you hadn’t originally considered the need.

  • It’s Free and You May Need Them

Even though the position may not be currently open, you never know when it might be. Accepting applications on your website is free, simple, and doesn’t require much extra work from your HR staff. It’s a great way to collect names and plan for the future should the need arise, without having to seek out people later.

  • More Talent

Highly talented job seekers are not on the market that often. They may look for a job only a few days a year, especially if they are employed but still open to other work. There is an advantage to being able to collect their resume now. In the future, if they are employed, you can still send them an email and let them know that you have an open position. This allows you to find passive, rather than active job seekers on the market.

  • A Simple Website Change for Better Hiring

There is no guaranteeing that everyone that applies to jobs via your website is going to be worth hiring. You may still not find that difference maker you are looking for. But adding a page to a website is easy, and it does not necessarily require a lot of extra work from those on staff to organise the applications they receive. If you’re looking for a free, simple way to improve recruitment, it may be a strategy worth considering.

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