What Are The Alternatives to Job Boards and Accepting Resumes?

Many small businesses collect applications the traditional way. They post jobs on their website or a job board, collect resumes, look at them for a few seconds, and figure out who to call. It’s a process that has helped millions of employers find staff throughout Australia.

But it’s also not perfect. First, it’s impersonal. You don’t get to know the applicants, and the applicants to not get to know you. Second, it is inefficient. You spend maybe a few seconds on each resume and receive hundreds of unqualified applicants in order to find a few that are qualified. Third, most small businesses do not employ experts in hiring. Unless you have years of experience, you may find you’re prone to hiring mistakes.

So with that in mind, you may want to consider alternatives to simply collecting resumes. There are many other strategies you can try that do not require resumes at all. These include:

  • Networking – Networking is one of the strongest tools at your disposal. Meeting people in person eliminates that “otherness” and lets you already know if they’re someone that seems like a good personal fit for your organisation. At some point, you may still need a resume or some information on them of some form but some companies just go straight to an interview process.
  • Recruitment – Let’s not forget using recruitment companies like Recruit Shop here in Australia. Our role is to send you a list of highly qualified candidates, each one with the potential to perform at your business. Once we hand you the list, you are able to call and interview any and all candidates that you want, and trust that they are possible contributors. Recruitment companies like Recruit Shop do this for a living, which means we know who and what to look for to best fit your company.
  • LinkedIn – You don’t need to wait to receive resumes, or even wait for applicants at all. With LinkedIn, you can go out and find potential contributors all on your own. LinkedIn profiles act a lot like resumes already, and requesting a CV is unlikely to provide any additional information. Instead, you can simply find the people you like and invite them to interview.
  • Q/A Based Applications – Let’s say that you want to use a job board but you don’t want to collect any resumes. What can you do? You can create something like a QA application – an application that allows you to ask questions directly to the candidate. With a QA application, it is as though you are starting the interview early by finding out the information you want to know directly – rather than having to search for it in a sea of resumes.

These are only a few of the alternatives to the traditional job board/resume hiring process. As always, don’t think of recruitment as a specific approach. Think of recruitment as your way of trying to find the best possible person for the job, no matter what it takes and what strategy you want to use. If you go into recruitment with that mindset, you may find that there are other alternatives to resumes that you want to try instead.

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