Are You Supporting Your HR Staff?

Supporting Your HR Staff

In recruitment, most time is spent talking about how to find the best possible candidates for an open job. There is a great deal of focus on hiring the right people, and how to make sure you have an effective hiring practice. If you’re not successful, or you feel as though you’re not bringing on the right people, most businesses overhaul their hiring practices to try to better identify the right targets.

While it is important to hire the right people, we have discussed time and time again the importance of investing in your employees as well. More companies have indeed started to recognise the importance of employee satisfaction on productivity and retention. But for far too many companies, that recognition has not spread to an important group – human resources.

Human Resources Needs to Be Supported Too

In many ways, it is the job of human resources to make sure that employees feel supported. But supporting your human resources may be just as important as supporting any new hires you bring on board, if not more so.

Every single person in your human resource department is an employee of your company, just like the people they are tasked with bringing on board. They are the first people in your company that new hires meet, and they are the people that are often responsible for the satisfaction of others.

You can support your human resource department by:

  • Frequent Open Check-ins – Have management check in regularly with HR to make sure they have every tool they can use to make work easier, find out if they have any challenges or ideas they want to implement, etc.
  • Have Them Meet Everyone – Some hiring managers are walled off in an “us vs. them” setting. This can make them feel disconnected from the rest of staff, and also create a dynamic where senior managers and lower level staff are sceptical of their work. Let them have an opportunity to socialise and get to know all staff members.
  • Prioritise Consulting Time – One department needs a new staff member. That department manager sends a list of what they need to the HR staff. The HR staff is then tasked with finding it. This can be inefficient. Having the HR staff and letting them collaborate with departments and hiring managers more often helps everyone on your team.
  • Similar Employee Engagement Strategies – Let HR be involved in the same engagement processes that you use on other employees. Whether it’s rewards for performance goals, gym memberships, or something more creative, make sure they feel that they are a part of your company’s growth.

They also frequently have needs that they may not even know they have, because of the work they’re in charge of completing. If your company is actively looking for ways to help HR staff as people, you may find that their ability to recruit is even stronger, because it comes from a place of having everything they need, feeling supported, and genuinely believing the company has the best interests of its hires at heart.

As you continue to learn how to hire new employees, make sure you don’t forget the employees you have. That is especially true of those in human resources, as they are the people on the front lines bringing new staff into your company.

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