Benefits of Receiving a List of Candidates

Recruit Shop is a different type of recruitment company in Australia. Not only do we provide some of the most affordable and efficient recruitment services out there – we also provide you with a complete list of possible candidates, and allow you to contact and hire as many as you please.

Why a List of Candidates is Beneficial

The primary benefit of receiving a full list of applicants to hire is that you can fill as many open positions as you want, whenever you want, with the individuals on that list. Each one is a qualified candidate.

But there are additional benefits to having that list on hand, including:

  • Developing Your Database – More and more companies are starting to collect applicants in a database, and engage with those applicants whenever possible to keep their interested in the business. Candidate databases give you numbers to contact any time a position opens, and are a great way to cut recruitment time in the future.
  • Inspiring New Positions – Growing companies do not have to be limited to one open position. Indeed, if you receive a list of incredible candidates, you may quickly find that there are others you want to bring on board simply because they have a lot to offer.
  • Knowing Who Wants You – There is benefit to keeping track of the people that are most interested in working for your company. These candidate lists allow you to see who has been interested in the past, so you know who to contact first in the future.

With affordable costs, friendly expert service, and commitment to your hires, Recruit Shop is the number one choice for companies looking to improve their talent pool. For more information about any of our services, contact Recruit Shop today.

If you have multiple positions open in your company, you can take advantage of our discounts for multiple strategies – 10% off for 2-4 services, 20% for 5-9 services and 30% for 10 or more services. Should you want to make an additional hire on any of these services, pay just $995 +GST!

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