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Benefits of Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

Social media has a lot of potential uses for your company. You can use it as a tool for delivering customer service, or as a method of sharing deals and news about your business. You can also use it for recruiting. Social media recruiting has quickly changed the way that companies find new employees, taking advantage of the social mediums to generate interest in potential hires.

Why Social Media is Effective

Social media recruitment has become more popular of late due to many of the natural benefits of using these types of social services. Just a small sample of the benefits of social media include:

  • Quick Sharing

When a position opens, posting it in a social media venue can instantly help you spread interest in the open position to those looking for jobs. Facebook has the “Share” button, Google+ has the +1 tool, and Twitter has “Retweets” – all of these social media websites have ways to quickly share the job, so that those connected to your profile can send it around to other people of interest.

  • Business Fans

Loyalty is an important part of a great candidate. Companies that have developed social media profiles are often “fanned” or “liked” by those that truly like their company. This is advantageous as part of the recruitment process, because it cuts down on the number of applications you receive from those that spam their CV to anyone with an open position, and helps ensure that you’re receiving applications from those that have some idea what it is your company offers/does.

  • Personal Appeal

Social media allows you to request applications in a way that is more personal, using the social media platform rather than something more static, like a paid advertisement. It’s unknown whether this helps provide you with stronger applicants, but it does give you a method of recruitment that could help improve the employee/company relationship from the beginning.

  • Link to Additional Information

While social media recruitment is beneficial for companies, it is arguably problematic for applicants, as it shows their personal side – a side that is not necessarily professional. However, their loss is your gain, as you can try to get insight into their personality and character through their social media profile in a way that can help you spot potential problem applicants.

Taking Advantage of Social Media Recruitment

The popularity of social media has changed the way Australia recruitment is conducted, and allows you to reach a broader audience to help you easily fill open positions. That is why at Recruit Shop – Sydney’s leading provider of low cost guaranteed recruitment services – we have added social media into our recruitment techniques to help us guarantee the most applications and the best candidate for the position.

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