Why Employee Satisfaction is Especially Important for Entry Level Employees

Employee satisfaction is quickly becoming the secret to better recruitment. Finding the right talent is critical. But every person you hire has a range of possible outcomes. The more satisfied your employee is in the workplace, the more you will likely bring out the best out of their productivity levels. The less satisfied, the worse they are likely to be.

Employee satisfaction is important for those at all stages of the company. Even CEOs need to have some degree of satisfaction in order to remain productive. But the need for better satisfaction may be especially important for entry level employees.

Preventing a High Turnover – Improving Productivity

Turnover rates among young employees and entry-level employees are at all-time high. More and more people are finding jobs and quitting them right away when they find they’re not happy with the work.

As your business recruits, you should strongly consider the steps you take to improve employee satisfaction, especially among these new employees or those that are taking in entry level jobs. Consider the situation the employee is in:

  • New Employee – Some entry level workers have never worked before, or have minimal work experience. It takes a considerable investment of time and energy to learn how to adapt to the new working environment. If they are not satisfied with their job, their chances of wanting to put in that energy are low.
  • Little Pay – Entry level jobs, by definition, offer less in the way of pay and benefits than the jobs they will receive as they move up the ladder. There is an obvious justification for this lower pay: they have less experience, which means they’ll probably bring less revenue. But it also means that you, as a company, are offering less to keep them around and interested. Pay is a big motivator for reducing turnover. The less a worker relies on your for pay, and the more they feel like they can replace your pay easily, the more likely they will leave if they are unsatisfied.
  • The Factors of Satisfaction – If you look at what causes poor satisfaction in entry level workers, you’ll often find that they are issues that also affect productivity. For example, one of the leading causes of poor satisfaction is a lack of training/onboarding. This indicates that if you are not actively looking to create engaged, satisfied entry level employees, there may be other factors at play affecting their productivity as well.

In addition, your goal when you hire any entry level employee is to help them move up in the company, build word of mouth marketing, speak highly of you to other workers, and more. If they’re not satisfied early on, their chances of growing within your company are very low.

Prioritise Satisfaction at All Levels

Employee satisfaction is not just for employee longevity. It should be considered a part of recruitment, especially for entry level employee forming their first opinion of your company. If you want your new hires to succeed, and you want to attract more employees in the future, prioritise employee satisfaction.

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