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Choosing recruitment services

Recruitment is a complicated field – one that isn’t as simple as advertising a job and hoping for the right applicants. Most people think of recruitment in terms of three separate issues:

• Cost – Saving as much money as possible.

• Timeliness – Hiring someone as quickly as possible.

• Expertise – Finding someone that is effective.

While these are the basics of recruiting, they’re also over-simplified. Cost structures can be hard for most companies to calculate, timeliness can’t sacrifice quality, and figuring out expertise isn’t as easy as reading a CV and asking a few basic questions.

With that in mind, companies generally have three options they can choose for recruiting:
• Generic Recruitment Company
• Recruitment In-House
• Recruit Shop

Our goal here isn’t to discuss why our company is better than the alternatives, but rather to showcase what you need to consider when you choose your recruitment services, and why it is important in the end to make sure that you’re making the smarter, most efficient choice for your business.

In House Recruitment

Let’s start with in-house recruitment, because that’s the option that most companies consider. In-house recruitment seems, on a surface level, to be the least expensive option. It’s not – which we will discuss in a moment – but it seems that way at first glance.

But look at the other issues:

• Timeliness
Rarely does a company have someone that can be dedicated to finding people at a quick rate, because rarely does a company have processes in place that speed up the recruitment process. The longer the position goes without being filled, the more you lose money.

• Expertise
This is where in-house becomes even more of a problem. It’s hard to find people that are skilled at recruitment, and unless you can find those individuals, you may not be getting the applicants you need or overlooking the ones that are beneficial to you.

There is also no guarantee that you’re going to find the right candidate, whereas recruitment companies like Recruit Shop offer a guarantee. The reality is that recruiting correctly is very difficult, especially if you don’t know where to look.

And what of cost? Well, in-house recruiting can be inexpensive, especially compared to some of the recruitment companies that still charge $5,000 to $10,000 for their services, but in general the cost of recruiting adds up quickly, from advertising money to job posting boards to time your employees spend on recruitment – all of this is lost revenue. For some companies, especially those that end up struggling to find a good candidate, the costs can add up quickly.

Generic Recruitment Company

Your standard recruitment company in Australia offers the opposite in terms of value. Most will have the experience and expertise necessary to find you at least a good employee, if not a great employee (this, of course, differs depending on the quality of the company), and they can find you that employee in a timely manner. Ideally, they know how to attract the right candidates, screen them, and send them over to you quickly.

However, what most recruitment companies do not have is a friendly cost structure. Generally, even for jobs that are easy to fill, the cost can be substantial. Some of the best prices out there are $3,000 or so, and some of them go all the way up to $10,000 or more. If you only need to fill a single vacancy for a high level job, that may be worth your money. But in general, running your recruitment through this type of service will add up in a hurry.

Also, as is always the case when you choose a B2B service, you need to make sure you’ve chosen the right company. Make the wrong choice and you end up sending thousands of dollars in non-refundable money to a company that finds you an unproductive employee. There is a lot of risk involved.

Recruit Shop

Now we’ll explain why our company, Recruit Shop, is designed to work around these common needs. The point of this isn’t to compare, but rather to show you what it usually takes to save money and improve value:

• Expertise
Recruit Shop has been around for quite a while and has hundreds of clients. We also use various self-filtering techniques that both gauge intelligence and interest while turning off less hard working employees. We’ve developed a system that is ideal for identifying potential contributors while also improving cost efficiency.

• Timeliness
Like all recruitment companies, the dedication to finding you an employee allows for an impressive amount of speed. Knowing that every day without that employee loses you money, you can be confident that you’ll find someone quickly – someone that will also do a great job.

• Cost
Here is where Recruit Shop specifically shines, and why it compares favourably to the cost of in-house. We’re about to provide this service for only $1,995 +GST. For many, that’s less than the cost of most in house advertising and lost revenue, and drastically cheaper than other recruitment companies, all for the same service and all with a money back guarantee.

As you can see, there is a lot involved in choosing a recruitment company. The above information outlines just how complex it is, and why making a decision isn’t always as simple as one would think. But in the meantime, remember to call Recruit Shop and get the best available price and the best available service, all in one place.

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