Why New Restaurants and Retail Should Take Their First Employees VERY Seriously

Every employee matters. In careers that are often considered entry level, it’s easy to feel like your hires don’t have to be the most skilled, the most experienced, or have the most potential. This is especially true when someone opens up a new retail store or restaurant.

There is a tendency among new restaurant owners to hire people last minute, and then find anyone that looks “good enough” on paper to hire. But this is a bad strategy for any business, and an especially problematic strategy for brand new restaurants, retail, and other small businesses.

How Last Minute Mediocre Hires Can Kill Your Business

Every company needs to value its employees better, as employee satisfaction and engagement have proven to be more effective at improving company revenue than focusing only on customer satisfaction. But with brand new B2C businesses, especially franchisees, restaurants, and similar small businesses, it is especially critical for reasons that include:

  • Restaurant and Store Reviews – Between websites like Yelp, Zomato, TrueLocal, and Google Reviews, any customer you have can review you at any time. If your first reviews are negative, those that were considering trying your new business will decide to try other places instead. A few bad employees can quickly mean a few negative reviews, and some businesses are never able to overcome them.
  • Time to Profit – Most businesses shut their doors within two years of opening because they simply haven’t been able to earn enough business to be in the black on their debts. That shows how crucial that early time is for getting the most on your investment. Your first employees are going to be your greatest investment, and every dollar you spent on a less than stellar employee is a dollar that may cause your company to close.
  • Limited Training Time – There is evidence that it takes an average of 6 months for even the best employees to be at peak productivity, and 1 to 2 years for those that don’t receive adequate training. If you’re starting a new business, how much time will you have to train? Finding highly skilled employees that can start strong matters.

These are issues unique to these types of small businesses. When you’re just starting a restaurant and have limited time to hire, it becomes even more likely that you hire someone that isn’t as useful a contributor.

Hire Great Staff Right Away

Hiring the right staff matters at all stages of business. The better your employees, the more successful your company will be. But it is especially important for brand new companies, specifically those that traditionally rely on entry-level employees. If you want to succeed in a difficult economy, you need to make sure that you’re hiring great staff from the beginning.

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