Recruiting for a Non-For-Profit? How Much Does Recruitment Cost Your Stakeholders, Really?

Charities and non-profits are often faced with budgetary challenges. Even the most successful charity finds that they are budgeting month to month, with each dollar being earmarked for a specific purpose, and each grant being stretched to its absolute limits.

So when you need to bring someone on staff to help work for your non-profit, it likely feels as though you have to keep your recruitment in-house, and that you cannot afford to have an affordable recruitment company handle the work for you. But have you ever calculated how much you spend on recruitment?

The Hidden Costs of Recruitment

There are some costs that you’ll see right away when you try to recruit on your own. For example, even on the best non-profit job boards, you should still expect to pay $100 or so per-listing. You may also need to post on multiple job boards (many of which do not offer discounts for non-profits), and you may need to renew your listing if you are unable to find someone within the paid timeframe.

This means that you’ll be spending at minimum $100, and at maximum over $2000. That’s already a significant investment for any organisation. But what you may not realise is that there are hidden costs of recruitment as well, all of which may affect your budget:

  • Employee Cost – The person in charge of recruitment is costing your organisation for each hour they spend recruiting. Even at low salaries, recruitment can take several hours. That money is lost on the recruitment process.
  • Lost Productivity – In addition, presumably that employee had other activities they were expected to complete. This, too, is lost when the individual is being placed on tasks outside of their expected job description. Less of the work they were expected to complete is finished as a result.
  • Longer to Hire – When you do not have a dedicated recruitment manager, it can take a lot longer to find someone to hire for the job. That is also lost productivity that you were hoping to receive from the position.
  • Bad Hires – Of course, there is another risk as well – if the people in your organisation are not recruitment experts, you may find that you make the wrong choice. Non-profit organisations and charities are still expected to find the best talents they can. Hire the wrong person, and more of your limited finances may be depleted.

While it may seem more affordable to do the hiring in-house, the numbers can add up quickly. At Recruit Shop, we offer discounted non-profit recruitment services for just $1,745 +GST. That’s a $250 for any non-for-profit organisation to use our quick and effective recruitment services. Should you be unable to hire from our candidates, you will be given the choice to receive a free month of service or $1,000 back! Our service is specifically designed to help you find excellent talent, all for a cost that is often less than you end up spending on both actual and hidden recruitment costs.

Call us today on 1300 895 987 for your non-profit recruitment needs, or alternatively, fill out your details here to receive a callback.

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