5 Great Seminars for Future Managers

It is difficult to find and hire a manager. Management itself is a tricky field, as the right manager for one location may not be the right manager for another. Often you need someone that understands management but also understands your business and the people inside of it.

That’s why the solution may not be to hire new managers. The solution may be to groom managers from within. Your next future managers may be working for you right now, learning your company and contributing to its success. When you want those management professionals to also have skill sets learned from outside sources, you may want to send them to training programs. A great place to start is leadership seminars.

Aussie Leadership Seminar and Conference Opportunities

Seminars are a good opportunity for employees to learn, and can also improve employee engagement by making them feel like you are dedicated to their career success. There are seminars both small and large all around Australia and New Zealand, so it may be worthwhile to do a search and see what is around. But for those that need a bit of help, consider the following:

  • Leadership Revolution – The Leadership Revolution Conference occurs every year in Melbourne and Sydney. The next conferences are scheduled for mid-November.
  • Women and Leadership Australia – Women and Leadership Australia has several conferences and events. Their symposium list can show you all of the 2017 events, including Melbourne, Darwin and Hobart over the next few weeks.
  • ANZAM – The Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management holds yearly conferences. The next conference is scheduled in Melbourne at RMIT University December 6th to December 8th, 2017.
  • IoD – The Institute of Directors also has several conferences throughout the year. The next one, called “Shaping the Future,” starts in May in Auckland, New Zealand.

The better your hiring strategies and the better your recruitment, the more likely your next great manager or leader is going to be someone you’ve already hired – rather than someone you go out of your way to find in the future.

That is why it makes a great deal of sense for companies to consider training their employees in-house. It improves engagement, it ensures the employee understands company culture, and it helps make everyone at your organisation a leader – even if they never end up in management.

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