What Is The Most Common Hiring Mistake Among Landscapers?

Landscaping is a fast paced business, and landscape recruitment is no different. Landscape business owners tend to have open positions often, and when they do they almost immediately need to fill them in order to continue moving forward with their backlog of projects.

But the general managers and owners of landscaping businesses, especially smaller ones, are also prone to hiring mistakes. Indeed, one of the main reasons that turnover in the landscaping industry is so high is because companies are simply hiring the wrong people.

Rushed and Random – Landscapers Hire Quickly and Indiscriminately

Landscaping companies have a tendency to rush their hires and make mistakes with who they bring on staff. It’s never an intentional issue, but when there is so much work to do and so little time to do it, it’s not uncommon to make errors, including:

  • Failing to account for personality, signs of employee loyalty, and other intangibles.
  • Looking for value over talent – trying to pay as little as possible, rather than find great people.
  • Advertising in only one or two places at most.
  • Reviewing the first people that apply, rather than waiting to find the best applicant.
  • Not having a plan – not necessarily knowing what to look for or what kind of person you want.

All of these mistakes can be problematic. You want talent – the best that there is. You want people that will help your business thrive and grow. Many of these mistakes make it hard to locate those people. Instead, you locate the people that apply the fastest, or look “good enough,” or cost the least, and then end up with lesser tier talent that may not stay at your organisation for long.

But these are still not the biggest or most common mistake in landscape recruitment. There is one mistake that nearly every small landscaping company makes, and if you fix that mistake you can expect your hiring rate to increase dramatically.

The Most Common Landscape Recruitment Mistake

Yet above all else, the most common hiring mistake among landscapers is allowing themselves to be in charge of hiring in the first place. Landscapers have so much to do, and recruitment is rarely something that they have scheduled time for, nor is it something they have expertise in.

Homeowners hire landscapers to make over their property because they have neither the time or experience necessary to do it themselves. Similarly, landscapers should strongly consider hiring a recruitment company to help find new staff, like Recruit Shop, that fully understands the hiring process, has the time and attention necessary to find a great new hire, and costs only $1,995 +GST (or $1,995 NZD).

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