The 5 Secrets to a Happy Employee in 2016

It’s a new year. For many people, the new year represents resolutions. This year they’re going to eat healthier, exercise, travel, or find a new job.

As an employer, that last one should scare you. In fact, you should have your own resolution – to make sure that each and every one of your employees is happy.

Why You Want Happy Employees

You want your employees to be happy. It’s not just because happy employees work harder (they do) or because happy employees are better to work with (they are). When your employees are happy, your company always benefits:

  • Happy Employees Don’t Quit – Employees that are happy are usually employees that are loyal, and you want all of your employees to be loyal – even your worst ones – because as soon as an employee quits you start to lose out on all the production they could have provided, and start losing even more money trying to replace them.
  • Happy Employees Attract Talent – When your employees are happy, they tell their friends about their work, they write good stuff online, and they recommend jobs to friends. Employers that go out of their way to improve satisfaction find that that satisfaction attracts other talent.

This is all in addition to the increase in productivity that is usual with most satisfied employees, and the branding and marketing opportunities that satisfied employees provide.

How to Make Your Employees Happy

Employee satisfaction should be your priority. But how do you make your employee happy? Paying them more is a good place to start, but that may not be realistic with all of your staff. Luckily, there are many other simple ways to make your employees more satisfied.

  1. Be Different – It starts by simply being different in some way. Offer something that they know, without a doubt, that they can’t get many other places. People want to believe that their workplace is different. Add exercise equipment to your breakroom, or have craft beer Fridays, or offer plane tickets in addition to vacation time. Offer something different that benefits the employee and you’ll improve their satisfaction.
  2. Have Group Events – Building comradery among other employees is also important for success. Make sure you’re encouraging chances for the employee to interact in ways that are genuinely fun. Trust building exercises and retreats can be nice, but bowling leagues/sports teams, genuine parties, and more can all improve connections in the workplace.
  3. Train Thoroughly – It’s not just current employees, but new employees you add on this year that you want to be happier, and studies have shown that the best way to improve satisfaction is to get them off on the right foot with thorough and complete training. The more an employee knows and understands about the tasks they have to complete, the more satisfied they’ll be.
  4. Measure Management and More – Everyone in your company should be measured for their attitude, behaviours, and how well they get the most from their employees or their work. You need to know if a manager is rude to their subordinates, or if an employee you thought was lazy is actually extremely productive and simply runs out of work. Knowing your staff can make sure you don’t make mistakes, since mistakes can instantly hurt satisfaction.
  5. Create Growth Plans and Milestones – Most, if not all employees within a company want to be able to grow with it. Consider providing employees with a path towards growth – when can they get raises? What do they need to improve and accomplish before you’ll give them a raise or a new title? Giving people a long term plan is a great way to make sure that your employees feel like they should keep staying and keep growing.

In addition, companies can improve satisfaction by being open and honest with their employees, offering bonuses for revenue or individual performance, and making sure that your workplace has a good organizational structure.

Happy Staff, Happy Revenue Graph

Every business depends on its employees for success. This year, take the time to care about your employee’s satisfaction. It will pay off financially, and make you a more attractive employer for other talent looking for work.

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