What Happens if You Don’t Have a Qualified Candidate?

These days, the traditional job posting receives dozens, sometimes hundreds of applicants. There is a good chance that somewhere in there amongst all that mess there is at least one candidate that would be good for the role.

But that doesn’t mean there is ALWAYS a candidate that is good for the role, nor is your company always looking for just “good.” They are looking for “great.” What should you do if you were unable to attract a good candidate to the job?

Tips to Get More Qualified Candidates

Rather than simply post all of the information up once again, consider the following tips for attracting better candidates:

  • Be More Proactive – Instead of waiting for candidates to come to you, go out and get the candidates you want yourself. Contact people on LinkedIn, social media, relevant groups, and more. There are always good candidates out there, and you don’t have to wait for them to come to you.
  • Change Your Job Ad – Often the problem is simply that the job advertisement you put up was not captivating enough to attract your audience. Try a completely new job ad, and see if that new ad is able to attract the people are you looking to add to your company.
  • Increase Your Visibility – Similarly, where did you post your job description? On your website? On one or two job boards? Consider making your post much more visible, placing it in as many customized niche places as possible and truly getting your name out there for great talent to see.

As an Australian Recruitment Company, one of the reasons that companies hire is because we have years of experience finding lists of qualified applicants for all types of companies, along with our personal guarantees over the quality of each applicant. It can be difficult to find people yourself that are qualified.

If you find that you were unable to capture enough great applicants, rather than do the same thing and expect different results, you should change how you were recruiting and see if that helps get the right people applying to your company.

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