5 Disadvantages of Traditional Recruitment Agencies

Navigating the complexities of recruitment is extremely difficult to do in-house without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars in both manpower and investment. But most companies prefer to do it in-house because the vast majority of traditional recruitment agencies are not much better.

Traditional recruitment is a cutthroat process that generally leaves the companies with a good, but not great employee at a significant financial investment. That’s because traditional recruitment companies come with a variety of flaws that make them less than ideal for modern day businesses.

These include:

  • Cost
    While recruitment takes a great deal of skill and practice, in the online world that experience should bring cost savings to your company. Yet some still charge as much as $10,000 or more for their recruitment services, despite the tools at their disposal. That is simply an inexcusable cost with the technology available.
  • Process
    The process that most recruitment agencies use is also outdated and inefficient – which could explain why they still charge such a high amount. Recruitment is about targeting the right markets, yet many still use basic job boards that are inefficient and time consuming, and have little guarantee of success.
  • Candidate Promotion
    Many traditional recruitment companies also find a few good candidates in advance and try to pawn them off on available companies, paying little attention to whether or not they meet your needs and instead focusing on the fact that they are “good candidates.” They are good candidates, which allow them to get away with it, but they’re not GREAT candidates, and that means that you’re being matched with an acceptable, but not excellent, solution to your needs.
  • Contracts
    Many companies also require long term contracts. The problem is that you do not necessarily need a recruitment company for every job. Many companies only want to outsource the jobs that they can’t or don’t want to handle in house. Without a long term contract, you can do that at your leisure. With a long term contract, you’re stuck with that company.
  • Cost Again
    Once again, the cost is something that makes little sense for most companies. At $10,000 a pop, few companies can afford to use a recruitment agency for entry level positions, yet these companies need experts just like all other companies. In addition, if you can land a top notch talent even an executive position for something more affordable, then your ROI is incredible and you’ve given your company a chance at an immense amount of profit.

At Recruit Shop, we offer a $1,995, all inclusive, one and done recruitment solution. It doesn’t matter what position you’re looking to fill – we find the experts that are going to offer you the best chance at achieving success. We’re not only most cost effective – we’re more efficient, and just simply better than most traditional recruitment companies, and we do so in a way that won’t require a long term commitment.
We’re even offering a free recruitment profile (ask one of our recruitment managers to consult with you on what you need to find your next outstanding candidate) which will give us the opportunity to filter out all of the applicants until we’ve come up with the one candidate who is sure to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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    Thank you for sharing.Even with anything else when it comes to manpower or investment can not be avoided to spend.Cost is something that makes little sense for most companies yet these companies need experts just like all other companies

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