Are You Exciting Your New Employees?

Imagine you are an applicant, and you have applied to a job that meets all of your needs. It’s in a great area, it has growth potential, and you know that you’ll succeed in the career.
You get invited to the interview and nail it. You go home and wait. One week later the decision has been made. You get a call telling you that you got the job, and you accept, excited to start at the new position. But then, over the course of the next few weeks, something happens:

  • You do not receive an offer letter with information on pay or benefits.
  • You do not hear from the company.

You are essentially sitting there, wondering if the job will suddenly be taken away from you, or if you’re going to be paid enough to make it worth your while. You accepted the job in your excitement, but now you are afraid to call back because you’re afraid that you’re going to have the offer taken away.
In addition, perhaps when you do start the job, you find out the pay isn’t as good as you were expecting, or more money than you thought is taken out of your paycheck for benefits. Suddenly this amazing new career seems like it may have been a mistake.
This story has been told millions of times because most employers do not think about what the applicant/new employee is feeling when they offer them the position. They assume that the offer is enough, and they fail to make the applicant feel special, wanted, and excited to work for you.

Creating New Employee Excitement

Anytime you hire someone for your company, it’s crucial that you treat them like you need them there. That’s because how an employee starts with your company affects their future productivity and longevity. In a way, it’s your company’s first impression, and you want that first impression to be that you’re a great place to work.
It’s not necessarily offering them more pay or better benefits, although certainly, that can help. It’s about showing them that they’re important. You can do that by:

  • Sending an offer letter immediately, so they know that they have the job.
  • Re-explaining all of the great reasons to work for your company, even if the pay is lower.
  • Sending them some type of branded gift or small bonus check to show them you care.
  • Personalising a letter to them or calling them during the weeks leading up to their first day.

The more positive you are and the more you show the new employee that you value them, the more likely you’ll have an applicant that will start at your company with excitement and energy, and a productivity level that is certain to impress.
Remember, recruitment is only one step. Retaining employees is part two. While we at Recruit Shop are happy to offer affordable recruitment services in Sydney and across Australia, we also know that your company has to try to hold onto them, otherwise, you’ll simply be coming to us again with the same problem in the future. Consider ways you can make your new employees feel welcome and special so that they are motivated to stay with your company for decades to come. Download our full guide, Making the Job Offer by clicking here.