New scout talent app introduced to Recruit Shop process

Introducing a new tool to speed up our affordable recruitment service

We’ve been thinking about our recruitment service and how we can make it even quicker and easier for you to hire new team members with us. That’s why we’re introducing the new Scout Talent App to our recruitment process!

Why the Scout Talent App?

Recruit Shop is part of Scout Talent Group, which has been working hard to launch a new mobile recruitment tool that helps organisations like yours get better hiring results regardless of whether they’re stuck behind their desks.

We’re introducing the Scout Talent App to our affordable recruitment service as a tool to help you review your shortlist on the go, select top candidates from your mobile phone, and communicate with your consultant quickly and easily. Our process has always been simple and convenient, but we believe that the Scout Talent App will only make it easier to hire new team members for the same low cost.

How the Scout Talent App supports you

  • Mobile

    View your shortlist on your phone

  • Simple

    Select top candidates with one click

  • Collaborative

    Leave notes for your consultant to action

Achieve your hiring goals


If you’re ready to start an affordable recruitment campaign now with our new tool to expedite the process, get in contact with us. Our consultants are excited to work with you towards your goals! Be sure to check out our recruitment blog for more helpful guides, industry news, and developments from the Recruit Shop team.