The Hidden Time Costs of In-House Recruitment

Running a small business means juggling numerous tasks, and recruiting new employees can be one of the most time-consuming and stressful responsibilities. Finding the right candidate involves not only posting to numerous job boards but also sifting through countless resumes to identify potential hires. This process can divert your focus from core business activities and slow down overall productivity. Fortunately, services like Recruit Shop offer an efficient solution to streamline your recruitment process, saving you precious time and energy.

How much time does recruitment really cost you?

Recruiting in-house might seem cost-effective at first glance, but it often comes with significant hidden time costs. Here’s a quick rundown of the time-consuming steps involved in traditional recruitment:

  1. Crafting and posting job ads: Writing a compelling job ad tailored to attract the right candidates is the first step. Posting this ad on various job boards and niche sites takes time and meticulous effort.
  2. Screening applications: Once the job ad is live, you’ll likely receive a flood of applications. Each resume and cover letter needs to be reviewed to filter out unqualified candidates.
  3. Conducting interviews: After narrowing down the list, scheduling and conducting multiple rounds of interviews is a time-intensive process that requires careful coordination and preparation.
  4. Follow-ups and communication: Keeping candidates informed and engaged throughout the hiring process requires ongoing communication, which adds to your workload.

These steps can extend the hiring timeline significantly. On average, it takes about 44 days to fill a position through in-house recruitment. For small businesses, this prolonged period can strain resources and delay key projects.

How Recruit Shop saves you time

Recruit Shop can drastically reduce the time you spend on recruitment. Here’s how:

  1. Efficient hiring process: Recruit Shop’s average time to hire is just 28 days, significantly shorter than the typical 44 days for in-house recruitment. This means you can fill your vacancies faster and keep your business running smoothly.
  2. Comprehensive job ad management: Recruit Shop handles the entire job advertisement process. We post your job across all major job boards and specialised sites, increasing visibility and attracting top talent.
  3. Candidate screening and shortlisting: Recruit Shop screens all applications and shortlists the most suitable candidates. By the time candidates reach you, they are already pre-qualified and interview-ready, saving you hours of initial screening.
  4. Increased visibility: Compared to posting ads independently, Recruit Shop achieves 17% more views in job searches, 29% more ad clicks, and 30% more applications started. This means a higher chance of finding the perfect fit faster.

Real savings 

In addition to saving time, Recruit Shop offers significant cost savings. Our low cost, flat fee recruitment service is $2,495 + GST – this fee is a fraction of what you might spend on in-house recruitment, which can easily escalate due to multiple job postings and extended vacancy periods.

Why choose Recruit Shop?

  1. Affordable pricing: Compared to the industry standard of charging 15% of the average Australian salary (approximately $13,500 for a $90,000 salary), Recruit Shop’s flat fee is exceptionally cost-effective.
  2. High customer satisfaction: With a 4.7/5 star rating on Google Reviews from hundreds of clients, Recruit Shop is a trusted partner for many businesses.
  3. Employee Guarantee: Recruit Shop offers a guarantee on our placements, providing peace of mind and ensuring you get the right hire.

Act now and save time and money

With Recruit Shop, you can simplify your recruitment process, save valuable time, and focus on what truly matters—growing your business. Take advantage of our low cost, flat fee Recruitment Service for just $2,495 + GST. 

By investing in Recruit Shop’s recruitment service, you’re not just saving money—you’re reclaiming time and reducing stress, allowing you to keep your business on track and thriving.