How Recruit Shop helped Wattle Run to save time, reduce stress, and transform their team

Wattle Run is a family-based business that develops, manages and maintains bespoke destinations in Queensland Australia and New Zealand. For more than 14 years they have been on a mission to create a place to live and belong for locals and out-of-towners alike.

But, like so many in the hospitality and tourism industry, they were struggling to fill critical roles and get over “false starts”, which made it harder and more stressful to create stunning bespoke experiences for their clients.

They needed a way to close critical internal skills gaps without sparing any hardworking hands on their team.

The start of a successful hiring journey

Recruit Shop’s low-cost recruitment service has consistently helped Wattle Run to reduce the time and stress associated with hiring new team members. As a trusted partner, Recruit Shop has helped find and hire high-calibre candidates that add to the company culture, broaden the company’s horizons, and take the stress off the existing team.

Now, Wattle Run has a highly competent team of talented professionals who communicate openly, share knowledge, build trust, and more. Since we started working together in October 2021, Recruit Shop has helped Wattle Run to hire three new team members.

To quote Wattle Run’s director, Dr Jenny Fisher:

“The impact of the right people working together is transformative – for the people who work here and for the future of the company.”