Four Reasons You Should Be Recruiting This Christmas

With the silly season fast approaching, business owners may be of the belief that recruitment should be put on hold until the New Year. However, just because businesses are less active in the recruitment space, doesn’t necessarily mean candidates are! High-calibre candidates are available to you, and with more time on their hands to search for their next position, here’s why you should be recruiting right now to secure them before your competition does. 

Candidates and the social media surge 

This holiday season, candidates will be more present on social media posting holiday season photos, online shopping or scrolling through feeds to find the perfect Christmas recipe. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of these platforms to attract a new employee. 

The floodgates are open! 

Australian domestic borders are now open, which means candidates who have been wanting to relocate or work in the FIFO space can start searching for a position to commence now or in the New Year. This means your candidate pool will increase temporarily as potential new employees search for their next role. 

Time for a change

Candidates who are ready for a change in their company or career may naturally want to transition to a new role in the New Year, which means they will be searching online for these roles this December. 

Less competition

Business activity will begin dying down this month as preparations are made for the holidays and a fresh start in the New Year. With holidays being at the forefront of all minds, recruitment may not be a priority for many business owners, which means there will be less saturation and competition on the job boards. 

If you’re ready to start recruiting but you don’t have the time or expertise, get in touch with us now to find out about our exciting Holiday Value Pack on offer!