Optimise your job listing for recruitment

How to Optimise Your Job Listing Like a Pro

Job boards no longer cater to the needs of the recruiter. These days, job listings have to be incredibly targeted in order to attract great candidates and entice them to apply. Job board algorithms are designed to deliver highly relevant job listings to candidates using their platforms, and that means that you have to change how you write your ads. You have to optimise your job listing using a range of best practices so that you stand out from the competition.

Job listings are at an all-time high on Australia’s most popular job boards, and yet the number of applications is the lowest its been since 2012. This means that candidates are in high demand, and your competitors are looking for the same talent as you. 

Here’s how to optimise your job listing to attract more high-quality candidates to your new role: 

Optimise Your Job Listing Summary

Let’s illustrate this tip with an example. Think of a time when you wanted to gain insight into a particular topic or wanted to buy a special product. You probably opened your browser and used a search engine to find some more information. You were presented with a wall of search results, made up of webpage titles with short descriptions underneath each one. It’s safe to assume that you used those descriptions to decide which website was most likely to give you what you wanted. 

And that is precisely how job boards work these days. The summary of your job listing is critical to catch the eye of great candidates in your area. It’s the first point of contact between you and your new team member. You want to make a good first impression, right? 

Candidates spend most of their time on the search results page of every job board. This is your first opportunity to one-up your competitors and engage the candidates from the start. Make the recruitment process more interesting: avoid using tried buzzwords and try to be specific, instead. If your organisation has a great culture, try explaining what makes it so great. Is it because you have team lunches or social drinks on Friday afternoons? Be specific! It’s more engaging.

Optimise Your Job Listing for Mobile 

Candidates are increasingly using their mobile phones to browse job boards. This is a well-known trend that affects a wide range of industries. Ideally, you should optimise your job listing for mobile, making sure that your summary is easy to read on a smaller screen. 

It’s also worth mentioning that not everyone can create and send a customised cover letter from their phone. Be conscious of how much you ask of your candidates on the first interaction. Rather, keep it simple and give your candidates the option to send personalised information at a later stage. 

Talk to Your Ideal Candidates 

To attract the kind of candidates you want, you have to step into their shoes. Creating an engaging job listing hinges on the industry, seniority, and location of your vacancy. Try using the Law of Attraction data portal from SEEK to tailor your job listing to your ideal candidate’s needs and wants. This information shows you what to emphasise in your summary and the job listing itself. 

Similarly, attracting more diverse candidates depends on your messaging. Different things appeal to different demographics. For example, flexible work hours might be more appealing to female candidates in a particular industry, whilst overtime pay is more important to their male counterparts, just for example. 

Be Explicit About The Salary 

If you aren’t stating the salary range up front, you’re missing out on a lot of great talent. Candidates don’t want to apply for a role and find out further down the track that it’s totally below or above their paygrade. Don’t waste their time, and they won’t waste yours, either. 

Candidates appreciate transparency. If you don’t think your salary range is competitive enough, make sure to foreground benefits and other positive aspects of your organisation. Do you offer onsite parking or flexible work arrangements? What about discounts and loyalty programs? These are key considerations for many candidates and can turn the tide in your favour even if the remuneration is about average for the role. 

Optimise Your Job Listing Format 

Make your job listing easier and more engaging to read. Break your job listing down into a number of smaller paragraphs separated by bolded headings. This makes it easier for candidates to get the information they need and also improves the quality of the leads you get. 

Confronting your candidates with a wall of text makes it hard for them to understand the role and what might be expected of them. Key requirements are lost in the sea of information and can lead to wasted time and confusion further down the line.

Changing the way you write and structure your job listings will change the kind of candidates you attract to your role. You can optimise your job listing by implementing these tips, and you will soon see the benefit of taking the candidate’s experience into account. Job boards are an effective tool for attracting talent if you adapt to these recent changes and make the most of each job listing. 

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