How to Manage Twitter Harassment Risk

Social media used to be the number one new tool that businesses could use to attract talent. Over the past 7 years, more and more businesses have started using websites like Twitter to build their brand, improve their recruitment efforts, and sell their products.

But social media is changing, and that change has perhaps become most apparent on Twitter. Now, more than ever, Twitter has become a hub for negative publicity. One wrong post or one wrong item in the news, and suddenly you are attacked by thousands of angry people across social media, with more and more people calling you out on your behaviour.

Tips to Minimise Twitter Harassment

You can’t stop all harassment on Twitter, nor can you prevent any problems from occurring. But you can make sure that you reduce your risk, and possibly have a plan in place to ensure that your brand isn’t tarnished and that you are still able to use Twitter for recruitment successfully.

  • Have a No-Personal Twitter Rule – First and foremost, avoid any accidental issues by not allowing anyone on their personal Twitter while at work.  There’s nothing worse than employees posting something accidentally on their professional Twitter thinking it is their personal Twitter. If people want to Tweet, let them do it on their phones.
  • Create an Action Plan – When something is posted on your Twitter account that causes you to get “shamed” or harassed, have a plan of action. Do you delete the Tweet? Do you issue an apology? Who reviews the error? It is best for all employees that work with your social media to know what they should do ahead of time.
  • Have Personality But Be Cautious – It’s okay to have personality on your Twitter account, but always get a second opinion on that personality. For example, a fun quip may be a joke to you, but may be misunderstood by others. For anything that isn’t 100% professional, it is a good idea to have two eyes, instead of one.
  • Be Willing to Tune Out – Sometimes harassment cannot be controlled. If you’re getting harassment you do not deserve, it may be best to avoid the instinct to respond at all. Not everyone that contacts you needs to get a response, especially if the way they are responding is hurtful or damaging.

It’s not always possible to control Twitter harassment. But it is possible to have an idea of how you can prevent it and stop it from getting out of hand. If you have social media managers in charge of your Twitter account, make sure they know exactly what they need to do so that your recruitment and your branding do not suffer.

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Are You Recruiting on the Lesser Known Social Media Sites?

Lesser known social media sites

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the most highly recognised social networks in the world. Companies use these social media websites every day to find and evaluating some of the top talent in the local area and around the world.

But they’re also not the only social media websites out there. There are hundreds of others, all of which have their own unique user base. While many of them are still up and coming, companies that want to expand their talent pool may want to consider using these social media sites to find some of the talent that would otherwise be missed.

Examples of Social Media Sites to Target

There are social media sites for every profession, every type of worker – even every income level. There are social media accounts for different races, genders, ages, and so much more. All it takes is a bit of a search and you’d be shocked what you can find.

But for those that would like a good place to start, consider the following:

  • Angellist – Although better for marketing your open positions than it is for networking, Angellist is a very popular social media website for startups looking to improve their online presence and reach an audience that is specifically interested in Startup culture.
  • Makerbase – An interesting social media site useful for those in the tech world, Makerbase connects you to the people that worked on projects that you’re familiar with, so that you can see what they’ve done and who they are.
  • Xing – Xing is essentially a smaller LinkedIn. But it may have benefits for those looking internationally for new employees, especially if you want to reach German speaking countries and European talent.
  • Jobcase – Jobcase is similar to LinkedIn, especially their group feature. It is a social media site for people to ask and share information, almost like an advanced forum. You can often spot people that have significant expertise in their field.

You should also look for any websites that are tailored to the industry that you are most passionate about, and see if there are any difference makers that you can bring into your organisation. While of the people you want are going to be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms, you may still find that the person you want most is in a location that you had never before considered.

Looking for Social Media Help in Australia

One of the best ways to promote your business is with a strong social media presence. But social media has an incredible amount of complexity. When hiring for social media jobs, it’s important to be able to find the truly qualified applicants that will best contribute to the position, and that’s difficult, since social media talents are often very hard to assess.

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What Recruit Shop Brings to the Table

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