How to hire in 2024

Recruit Shop’s Guide to Snagging Top Talent in 2024


Hey there, fellow small business owner! At Recruit Shop, we know how hard it can be to find great candidates while keeping an eye on your budget. So, let’s dive into some strategies to help you nab the best hires in 2024.

Get active on social media:

In addition to posting your job vacancy on your social media channels, you can create short videos that show off your business. Through every piece of content you create – even if it’s just a short blurb, it’s important to let your business’ culture and values shine through strengthening your employer brand. That way you will attract candidates who share the same values, and are keen to work for you, not just pick up a paycheck. Share your job ad on your social media pages with engaging pictures/videos and clear descriptions of the role you’re hiring for. If you always want to go the extra mile, you can always put some money behind posts to reach a wider audience.

Now if you partner with Recruit Shop, we market your job opening on all major and minor job boards for you, as well as marketing your job on social media. A unique advantage Recruit Shop also offers you is our database. This is your recruitment hack. We market your vacancy to our large database of candidates, that only Recruit Shop clients can market to, making sure your opening gets in front of more candidates.

Get Niche with It:

Knowing what smaller job boards are right for your role is a brilliant advantage to marketing your job ad. This allows you to get industry and role specific, offering more of the type of talent you’re looking for. Your ad will gain a lot more visibility on these job boards.

Here at Recruit Shop we work to understand your role, and where is best to post ads for it. Being more targeted with your job marketing helps find candidates with relevant experience and skills without filling up your inbox with low quality applications at the same time. Now you can’t be a business owner, recruitment, and marketing specialist all at once. This is why Recruit Shop tackles all of your recruitment marketing for you.

Embrace Remote Work Perks:

Remote work is like the coolest kid at the party. If your business has the capacity to offer remote work options, then use it! Shout from the rooftops that you’re all about work-life balance in your job listings. This will definitely see your number of applicants skyrocket. Just make sure you’re clear about the arrangements, is it full time WFH? Hybrid? Or Flexible? Figure these things out before you start advertising!

During Recruit Shop 1-on-1 consultations our recruitment consultants gain a deep understanding of your business, your culture, your processes, and your needs. This is so we’re clear on what Recruit Shop needs to provide for you, but also what sort of job ads and messaging we must provide candidates. The worst thing in recruitment is having an amazing candidate that ghosts you after an offer because they’ve learned something along the way that doesn’t suit them. Recruit Shop combats candidates pulling out by nipping any problems in the bud with clear communication.

Show Some Love with Candidate Experience:

In 2024, it’s not just about finding the right talent; it’s about treating them with respect. Make your recruitment process smooth and seamless. Communicate clearly, give feedback, and keep that candidate experience top-notch. A happy candidate is like a loyal customer who’ll keep coming back for more.

Recruit Shop consultants take on all of your candidate screening for you. Consultants will rate and rank candidates based on a variety of factors, recommending you a shortlist of the best candidates for your business. Throughout this process consultants will stay engaged with candidates, making sure they’re not left waiting on an email, or call that never comes. Even if a candidate is unsuccessful in their application, we guarantee they have no complaints about your recruitment process.

Lean on Recruitment Partners:

Now if you don’t have time for any of the strategies listed above, you can give Recruit Shop a call to help you implement each of them.

Forget those agencies that want to take a cut of your new hire’s salary. Instead, go for a one-time flat fee solution with experts like Recruit Shop. We understand the small business struggle, and we’ll save you time and money. Plus, we know how to pick the best apples from the talent tree.


Recruiting in 2024 might be a wild ride, but with these strategies and partners like Recruit Shop, you can be the boss of your hiring game. Start early, get digital, explore niche job boards, embrace remote work (if you can), and team up with budget-friendly partners.

Remember, the new year is a hiring frenzy, so lock-in a plan now and get your business in the driver’s seat for success.

Get ahead of your competition and get recruiting now as most businesses will be raring to recruit in early 2024!

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