Looking for employees in Melbourne?

Finding the right applicants for your company is always a challenge. Those that are looking for staff in Melbourne need to find applicants that are not only qualified for the role – they’re also going to stick with the company. Every time you lose an employee you lose out on revenue and production, and the total losses increase substantially with each passing day.

A Solution to Your Staffing Needs

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Looking for staff in Sydney?

Navigating the recruitment process is difficult. You need to market your job, collect applicants, review applicants, interview, and finally hire a candidate that may not be right for the role, and you need to do it all as quickly as possible. It’s a time consuming and costly struggle, and that’s why copmanies looking for staff in Sydney should strongly consider Recruit Shop.

The Benefits of Recruit Shop for Finding Staff in Sydney

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eGuide 9: Making the Job Offer

Congratulations! You have successfully found someone that looks like a great new employee for your company, and you’re ready to have them work for you. It can be hard to find someone in today’s economy that looks like they can really contribute, but you’ve found that person, and you want them to start helping your business right away.

Of course, before you can do that you have to make the job offer, and unfortunately many companies do not put much thought into the job offer despite the drastic impact that it can have on future work. It’s important that you take some time to think of how you want to offer this job to the applicant, because a poorly constructed job offer can impact the employee’s interaction with your company.

Mistakes Made By Employers

It’s not uncommon to make mistakes with regard to the job offer. Mistakes include:

  • Taking too much time to send the offer.
  • Not negotiating salary.
  • Forgetting to talk about what’s included.
  • Not phrasing the letter in an inviting way.

Imagine if you were a new hire and you were told you got a job, but then the new employer sent a demanding letter with a low salary the day before you started the job – you would be frustrated, and it could affect how you connect with the applicant. In addition, some applicants have multiple job offers, and the less clear you are with yours the more likely they are to take a different one.

How to Construct a Job Offer

When you’re ready to make the job offer. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Salary and Salary Negotiation
    You may want to consider negotiating salary if you haven’t yet before you send the offer, or make sure you’re sending a very competitive offer. Employers have a tendency to try to pay as little as possible, but a great pay to start is much more likely to give your new employee an excitement and a passion for the role before they begin. Being stingy, on the other hand, can negatively impact their tenure and productivity.
  • Clear Offer
    Make sure you’re also providing them with a clear offer. Tell them every detail about what the salary is going to be, what the growth opportunities are, what the benefits are, what your company has in addition to benefits, and more. Not only will this ensure the new hire is excited to take the offer – it will also decrease future “what do I get” questions that sometimes rub management the wrong way.
  • Promptness
    Make the offer right away in writing so that the applicant knows you value them and knows that their offer is real. Applicants are often worried that the offer you made will be rescinded, and if you wait to send the offer for a week or more, you’re putting a lot of stress on the applicant that can turn into negative emotions.
  • Give Them More Information
    To help the applicant both acclimate to the role and get excited about the workplace, consider providing them with more information. For example, you can tell them anything they may want to brush up on before they start, or you can send them information on you and your company so that they are as educated as possible before they begin.

You’ll also want to watch your phrasing. Make sure you’re genuinely selling your company and the opportunity to the candidate. Remember that just as the candidate is probably worried you may take away your offer, so too do they have the potential to take away theirs, because if they receive any other job opportunities before they start with you they are still in a position to take them.

Improving Recruitment and Hiring Better Applicants

There is always room for improvement in your recruitment practices, and it’s important that you look at every avenue to ensure that you’re not only hiring the best applicants, but also getting the most out of them and maintaining them for longer. If you’re ready to see a significant change in your recruitment, make sure you contact Recruit Shop today – Australia’s leading affordable recruitment service.

3 Common Recruitment Mistakes That Cause You to Miss Assets

Recruitment is prone to mistakes. Even the best companies that hire amazing employees will occasionally make errors that allow a potentially great applicant to fall through the cracks. While most employers worry about hiring the wrong people, it’s the companies that fail to hire potentially great employees that really end up regretting it.

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5 Tips for Recruiting Via Social Media

It’s estimated that over 50% of employers now look towards social media when deciding if they are going to hire a candidate. Most are simply looking to see if the applicant runs professional social media accounts or shares anything that may affect their hire, but truly savvy companies are actually looking towards social media as a way of FINDING candidates – actively going out and searching for those that appear to be difference makers in the field.

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Benefits of Reading the Entire Resume

Resume spamming has become a serious problem. Nowadays, an open position may receive thousands upon thousands of applicants, and that makes it almost impossible to review each one carefully.

Many hiring managers scan resumes – and for good reason – because you can often find out very quickly using the first few lines of job history and the way they wrote their resume if they are worth further consideration.

But there are still many reasons to take the time to carefully scan each resume rather than skimming them over. These include:

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Reference Check Questions

Basic Reference Check Questions

What were the beginning and ending employment dates for this individual? How long have you known this individual and in what capacity? What was this individual’s beginning and ending salary? What positions did the individual hold? Did this individual earn promotions? What were the individual’s most recent job duties? Read more

recruitment advertising costs

How Much Does Recruitment Advertising Really Cost You?

Cost is a huge factor when it comes to deciding whether to use a recruitment company or whether to recruit using in-house methodologies. Many people believe that in-house is free, and that recruitment companies are expensive, ergo it makes more sense to use human resources to hire your next great employee.

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Does dress code matter

How Much Should Dress Code Matter?

Job interviews have not gone through many changes over the past several years. The questions are the same, the interview styles are the same – a great job interview today would likely have been a great job interview many years ago, because the qualities in a good candidate have  not changed, nor have the methods of interviewing. Read more

Over prepared candidate

3 Warning Signs of an Over-Prepared Candidate

Candidates that prepare for a job interview are showing an important quality of being a good employee – the willingness to learn and prepare for work. When a position opens up within your company, attracting candidates is only step one. The rest is about finding the candidates that have qualities that make a great employee. Preparation is clearly one of those qualities. Read more