Looking for an Accountant?

Bookkeeping Recruitment and Accountant Hiring Help

When it comes to accounting and bookkeeping, the difference in talent between a low quality accountant and a high quality accountant is substantial. A great accountant: Read more

Looking for a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapist Recruitment in Australia & New Zealand

Physical therapy is a crucial part of a variety of different industries. Physiotherapists can be found in nearly every type of industry that requires peak physical form, including:

  • Hospitals and doctor’s offices
  • Wellness centers
  • Sports teams

Physiotherapists are even being hired by companies that are hoping to provide more services to their staff, with physical therapy centers popping up in all sorts of technology companies and warehouses that all cause different types of injuries.

Find a Physiotherapist in Your Company

The problem is that there are countless physiotherapists available on the job market, and not all of them are talented enough to be contributors with your company. You need to find the best of the best – and that often involves a lot of legwork and trial and error.

Indeed, how do you reach out to the physical therapists that will thrive in the field? How do you attract them to your organization? How do you figure out which one is the best available talent?

For the average company – including hospitals with experience screening medical staff – this can be a very difficult task. But at Recruit Shop, we make finding physiotherapists easy, and we find you those staff members for significantly less than our competitors.

Why Recruit Shop for Physiotherapist Recruitment?

In order to successfully recruit anyone in your organization – especially physical therapists – you need to:

  • Pay for public job postings.
  • Advertise the position in industry specific areas.
  • Comb through hundreds of resumes/CVs

All of that work takes time and money, and including labor can cost you well over $5,000 or more. Other recruitment companies charge similar amounts to find you a list of applicants, and most have hidden fees that up the cost, sometimes to $10,000 or more.

At Recruit Shop, we’ve perfected the recruitment service to an art. We are able to provide you with physiotherapy recruitment for as little as $995. But it’s not just our low cost. We also guarantee our recruitment. If you don’t hire a new employee from our recommendations, we’ll give you your money back. We know that you pay for results, and that’s why we deliver only the highest quality applicants to your door.

We also allow you to keep all of our recommendations for free, allowing you to hire multiple applicants from the pool of candidates if you desire.

Contact Recruit Shop Today

We’ve been one of the leading recruitment companies in Australia for years, and we want to show you why our services are second to none. Contact us today to learn more about how Recruit Shop can find you your next great physical therapist.




Looking for staff in Auckland?

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Looking for staff in Perth?

Perth is home to some of the most competitive businesses in Australia. That’s why those that are looking for staff in Perth cannot afford to hire someone that isn’t qualified, or to waste money on ineffective recruitment methods.

Every dollar you have counts, and that’s why it’s important that you maximize your ROI – especially when it comes to hiring.

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Looking for staff in Brisbane?

Have you ever thought about the cost of your in-house recruitment? When you’re looking for staff in Brisbane, your company ends up making a considerable amount of investment on costs like:
• Job Boards
• Employees
• Lost Productivity
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Questions to Ask About Technology Knowledge

More and more careers these days take place in front of a computer, and most of those careers involve special knowledge of various types of programs. Sales and marketing uses SalesForce. Project Management uses Microsoft Project. Data analysis uses Microsoft Access, R, or any number of different databases and tools. Every single job that takes place in front of a computer involves some type of computer program knowledge.

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Improving First Impressions: Telling the Applicant About Dress Code

Dress code for job interviews has been a hot topic of late. There is a lot of controversy surrounding how an applicant should dress for an interview, particularly around technology jobs where the dress code tends to be more lax. Many interviewers at tech companies have said, paraphrasing:

“When an applicant shows up in a suit, we know they’re not going to fit the organization.”

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How Employee Exits Can Teach You Who to Bring On Staff

Even the best companies with the most loyal employees are going to lose people eventually. Turnover is a big part of the industry, simply because the world is changing and no one stays with a single job in order to survive. People move, people find new work, people change their passions – life goes on, and as a company you need to expect that turnover may occur.

But while turnover is a problem, it can also be a solution. When an employee is leaving the company, you have an opportunity to do something you have never been able to do before – find out who should take their place.

Employee Exit Surveys and Interviews

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Fiscal Year Ending: Who Do You Need to Hire?

In a few months, the Aussie fiscal year will be coming to an end. At this point, most HR departments are finishing off their budgets and getting ready for the new fiscal year.

Chances are you have a bit of extra cash sitting there, gathering dust. Perhaps now is the best possible time for you to take a look at your current business structure and see if there are any positions you can fill in your spare time.

Why Now is a Great Time to Invest in Recruitment

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Looking for employees in Melbourne?

Finding the right applicants for your company is always a challenge. Those that are looking for staff in Melbourne need to find applicants that are not only qualified for the role – they’re also going to stick with the company. Every time you lose an employee you lose out on revenue and production, and the total losses increase substantially with each passing day.

A Solution to Your Staffing Needs

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